John Piatchek – Piatchek & Associates, Inc. – Founder & Past President – Springfield Executive Breakfast Club

“I have personally recommended Jean Harmison’s services to 3 professional organizations. In every situation, she has turned chaos into organization.  She has become a real asset to the organizations. This has enabled us to spend more time on our real businesses.”

Gary Wilson – Past President – Springfield Apartment & Housing Association

“The Springfield Apartment and Housing Association was looking for a way to organize our day to day operations and make our organization more efficient.  In 2001, we hired Jean Harmison from Club Management Services to help us accomplish this goal. We have not only seen our organization become more organized and efficient, but Jean has gone above and beyond what we agreed for her to do. She has not only helped us reach our goals, but she has been a pleasure to work with and get to know. She is a vital part of SAHA and what we do for the rental property industry. We look forward to many more years working together.”

Danny O’Neal, CLU, ChFC – Sunrise Rotary Club, Springfield Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors

“I have worked with Jean in multiple organizations for over seven years.  Her professionalism, organization, and attentiveness to detail has been a blessing to the organization’s members and the officers in particular.  Jean is prompt in responding to questions and accurate in her responses.  I have referred organizations to her in the past and would not hesitate to do so in the present.”

Bud Page, CLU, Financial Solutions, Business Builders Breakfast Club, Springfield Associations of Insurance and Financial Advisors

“I have had to pleasure of working closely with Jean for 7 years.  I am always amazed at how she takes our organizations and makes them hers.  She is just as interested in our success as we are. She takes a lot of pressure off of the board members and officers in getting things done and keeping things organized. I couldn’t think of a better person for the job.”

Marcia Walsh – Missouri Municipal & Associate Circuit Judges Association

“When Jean Harmison was selected as our organization’s executive secretary, I had my doubts. After all, we had just lost our executive secretary of 10 years, a person who knew everyone on our Board and everyone in our association, a person to whom we all turned if we had a question or needed help on a specific program. I should have had no worries. Over the past six years, Jean has proven herself professional, knowledgeable, and foresightful. She is an asset to us, and our association runs smoother because of her efforts.”

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